Know the Truth when You Play Skill Stop Online Slots

When you play skill stop online slots, you add a new dimension of fun to one of the longest-standing automated gambling games in the industry. While there isn't a lot of strategy that can be applied to these machines, this one gives you an element of control that you would not otherwise have. Essentially, rather than just clicking 'Spin' and waiting for the reels to slow to a halt, you can click it a second time and choose where it lands. Of course, while some developers claim that the feature adds an element of skill, this is a highly controversial claim in that it has been proven - at least in some cases - that it has absolutely no effect on any outcome.

The Mills Novelty Company, located in New Jersey, introduced the first way to play skill stop machines to the public. Then, in the 1970s, the gambling laws in that state changed to say that individuals had to have some kind of control over the outcome in order for any game to be considered legal. Bally, then, modified 50 of its machines to offer the feature and it became quite common over time. The boom of internet gambling didn't provide the technology for such features to be included at first, but people who play skill stop online slots are now more commonplace although only a handful of software providers offer them. RTG and NetEnt are among the two biggest names to provide skill stops in the majority of their titles.

These days, avid players know that they can play skill stop online slots but that they don't have a better outcome than any of the others. What they do know, though, is that the added element makes the gameplay itself more immersive and therefore more entertaining. While they can't promise you that you will win more or win more often, they can add something fresh and exciting to the experience.