Enjoy More Money and More Fun with Online Slots Bonus Rounds

Online slots bonus rounds are an important part of the gambling industry as they help to break up the monotony of watching the same sets of reels spin around over and over again. They are inherently exciting since they provide people with an opportunity to win their stakes thousands of times over, but the odds are quite slim and people often have to wait a very long time for that to happen.

Huge Prizes

One of the first things about online slots bonus rounds that keeps people entertained is that they often come with relatively large prizes when compared to what is found in standard play. For instance, people may be able to rack up hundreds of times their stakes with multipliers attached and collect everything they had lost up to that point. They may award free spins, they may allow you to pick and choose a prize, or they may randomly award something to you based upon the symbols that triggered it.

Types of Rounds

There are three main types of online slots bonus rounds: Pick and Win, Spin the Wheel and Free Spins. In the first, you will be presented with several choices and the selections you make will determine how much you win. The second comes in many different forms, but it generally involves spinning a wheel and winning what you land on. In the third, you can get anywhere from three to 30 free rounds in which everything you win is collected and provided to you at the end.

As you can see, these special features make it easier to win big bucks with all of your favorite slot games. There are plenty of variations and tons of different themes out there, making it easy for everyone to get exactly what it is they want out of their gambling experiences.