Playtech Movie Slots Review

Everything a slot player wants in a game is here in Playtech movie slots. Cool themes from your favorite movies, huge progressive jackpots, and different versions are just some of the great features in Playtech. These features make the company a well-known site all over the world.

In terms of themes and designs, there are a lot of choices to select from. Each game is designed to attract the players with interactive animation and realistic sound effects. Although the games vary in design, they also share common feature like having 15 to 25 pay lines. Players can even choose their preferred number of active pay lines to wager on. In addition, you can get free of the hassle on using coins. These Playtech movie slots do not need coins so it is unnecessary to track the used coins per game.

Most of the games in this company are inspired from popular movies. For example, there is the Iron Man 2 game released right after the movie franchise is launched. Other games are the X-Men, Incredible Hulk, Gold Rally, Rocky, and Gladiator, which are also named after the famous movies. Playtech movie slots have gained popularity even after the showing period of the movies. Of course, everyone who has seen these movies will surely be amazed how it perfectly turns into an entertaining game.

With at least $0.01, you can instantly bet on a line. The usual bet comes between $0.01 and $5. There are times when you can ace some free spins and second screen bonuses. If you are more than lucky enough, you can join a game that produces progressive jackpots. Among these games, the Beach Life is the most notable in giving progressive jackpots. Another well-known game is the Rocky that offers $10,000 as its maximum jackpot prize. In fact, Playtech is considered as a giant progressive slot game developer in this field.